About Us

LearningCS is a website dedicated to sharing resources and lessons with teaching professionals that want to teach and learn the new Computer Science curriculum. I wanted to bring my passion for Computer Science to students and teachers through resources and lessons that other teachers could use to both teach and learn about the Computing curriculum at Primary school, right through to post-16 level.

I have a degree in Computer Science with a specialism in game engineering and was drawn to the education sector in order to spread my love of Computer Science and programming with students and other teachers, through a series of programming tutorials, online lessons and both free and paid resources.

What we do

This website has lessons that are designed and streamlined from the ones used in my own teaching, with the aim of filling a need for more diverse high quality resources pertaining to the Computer Science curriculum. All resources cover the required content that students will need to learn and attempt to use real world examples. As far as possible when a resource costs, a free example or alternative has been provided.

The site is split up into two main sections:

  1. The resource section which includes everything from lesson plans and code tutorials to example code. These are categorised into the 6 individual pathways on the Computer Science Curriculum and the 5 individual key stages from primary to post-16.
  2. The eClassroom which includes online lessons and code tutorials. These are categorised into the pathways and key stages, however there are also code tutorials that are suitable for teachers to complete in order to learn more about programming and practice their skills.

As teaching professionals, if there are any suggestions that you have to improve resources or lesson plans then please don’t be afraid to comment with your ideas as there are no better resources than those that are developed collaboratively. You can make a suggestion here.